Alien Covenant

When you see the sequel of Prometheus, you find that the whole Prometheus premise where there is much more intriguing story behind Engineer destroyed completely when David annihilate the whole Engineer species by spread out the virus.

Its a deep and painful feeling as you feel that the movie should follow the lead and not back to its origin Alien root. You don’t think that Ridley Scott understand your thirst on intricate story. You feel betrayed and sick, thinking that at the end of the day, those guys only want to sell more.

You suddenly realized that its strange to be so invested on Covenant. Its just movie. To make it worse its 1978 franchise that notorious for frequently change story and concept as they see fit. You left an audible sigh cause you realise that this is happen because you still have hope. All this year of not believing you still keen on to find something to convince you that afterlife is not all dark pitch.


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