At the outset of building organization with a lot of young people, you’ll find that people make mistakes all the time. You know that it’s natural and you wonder whether your younger days might do worse than them. You imagine yourself as a great older brother with a soft voice and let it slide, thinking ah these young flock would do better next time.

After few years, you will see the same things happen, people keep make mistake if you let it slide and if they don’t know what your expectation is. And you realize something. Its not about the talent, its not about the pay grade, its not about experience. You let down yourself by not demanding excellence from your team. You don’t singing the high standard you set for them and you treat people as some fragile glasses that would break down under a slight pressure.

You promise to yourself that you won’t let them to not realize their talent, that people can and should strife for excellence, and you are willing to pay for it.

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