Hi my name is Ganis Angger Atmawarin. I was born, raised, and probably drinking too much sun in the eastern corner of Indonesia, Sorong. I love tree and typography. Although generally a calm presence in life, I’m notoriously brutal in Mario Kart. Now I live in Yogyakarta.


Since November 2013, I’ve been working at SoftwareSeni. Currently serve as Director.

If I wanted to talk about the true origins of why I’m doing what I’m doing now, I’d say that because I’m a twat that can easily influenced by new things.

My shortlist of dream job change over time, involving robot, pilot, economist, writer, designer, teacher, typographer, which tragically none of those would end up into my actual daily job.

What I learn is that there were defining moments where I found the overlap of what I cared about and what I was good at. Finding that overlap is a beautiful thing, and it doesn’t happen for everybody. For some people, it never happens; some people find it really late; and some people find it when they’re four years old. For me, I’m lucky that it come to me itself when I was 24.


I use the power of WordPress to manage and lighten the content. The theme itself created & designed by a wonderful team from Meks.

For the typeface I pick a combination of FF Meta Serif Web Pro and FF Basic Gothic Web Pro, both beautifully drawn by Erif Spiekermann, Christian Schawrtz, and Kris Sowersby. This typeface so magical that it can make any derelict look at least moderately professional without being a douche.



I was born here and I had an idyllic childhood in nature, playing outside and cross mountain and sea and living closely with trees and nature. I loved it there, and I’d like to visit it again someday.


One of my earliest memory living here. I make a friends with some kind soul that lead me to my “Aha!” moment.


Yogyakarta has been my base for over a decade. My experience here are so deeply layered that I consider the city as my hometown. Much of my appreciation for people is inspired by my time here. I plan to stay here for a very long time.

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Interweb enthusiast from Yogyakarta. Love trees, typography, running and single origin. Slightly blurry vision, five foot six, curly black hair. Lion at Mario Kart, chicken at party.

SoftwareSeni Director.

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