10 Things That I Learn From Last Year

  1. Enjoy the journey
  2. Execute blinding quickly and iterate from there
  3. Wake up earlier then everyone else and figure out what you can do 1% better
  4. Don’t let power corrupt you
  5. Have a boundless energy to demand excellence
  6. It’s never too quick to fire bad fit
  7. Avoid conference unless it can bring you client
  8. Listen more than you talk
  9. Look for the best in everyone
  10. Good sleep, sun light, and run, all the time, even if its raining, even if you have crunch time

What’s In My Bag


I think a bag can surprisingly be a really good parameter on how someone operate. Person with Targus most likely has a Windows OS in their laptop, TUMI horde maybe traveling for business, and I imagine Porter & Yoshida folks will do vipassana at 5 in the morning.

In tech and startup, the majority of people that I know usually wear backpack because laptop + dongle + gadget + charger = heavy. And because backpack distribute weight nicely on your shoulder, it’s really popular and good choice. Me myself, for decades become a firm believer in messenger bags over backpacks, preferring the tradeoff of easy access over sore shoulder.

The bag

My daily bag is a Filson Briefcase. While the bag is not a star in look department, it’s still good looking-enough to match blazer for a business trip. Functional wise, I love this bag because its water repellent, it has the right amount of compartment, its equipped with storm flap to make sure my laptop doesn’t double splashed, and above all, it’s super durable. The bag has a lifetime warranty as part of Filson legacy.

Every 2 month or so I will review my bag and ask myself. Can I take frequent things out quickly? Is there any items that I’m not use more than 1 month? If the answer is no, then I would make necessary adjustment. As a result, time to time there would be few items of mine that being relegated.

Laptop charger gone now as I have two sets of charger at home and at the office. Multiple color ballpoint gone as I use size instead of color to highlight something. Powerbank gone. And with the consistent prune, now there are around 10 stuff around my bag that I think I need to keep. Gita still think that its unnecessarily heavy, but my shoulder can handle this babies fine.

The content

  1. MacBook Pro Retina 13 Inch. This is my main and only computer. Bowser looks so calm and non threatening largely because this beast has a HDMI, SD Card, and USB port. Ha!
  2. Muji dotted notebook & Unibal Sigmo. Help me to connect two things together and looks busy in the meeting.
  3. AirPod. Buy this second hand at half the original price. Horrendous looks, fantastic to use. I use this for video conference, working, running (it surprisingly stick well) and listening podcast.
  4. iPhone XR. A gift from my mentor, Davo. Face ID is surprisingly quick, great low light camera, and 64GB. Coming from iPhone 6S, I can’t believe that I used to think 16GB is enough. Silly me.
  5. Kindle Paperwhite. To steal read whenever I can. Buy it second hand as well.
  6. Organizer. I have stationary organizer, card organizer, token organizer (yikes) and cable organizer.
  7. House Key. Put it into carabiner in my Filson bag.
  8. Tide to Go. The least used things in my bag. I only remember two occasion in the last two years where I need it. Decide to keep it as those two occasion is really life saver.
  9. Pocket knife. To open things or fix something on the go.
  10. A pack of Ricola Original Herb. My favourite candy.

How I organize it together?

Most importantly I organize my bag so that I can grab common things real quick. I almost never use the zipper and only close the bag using the storm flap that save a lot of time.

Bag organized so I can take common things quickly.

Management Culture in Indonesia


Guide for foreigner working with Indonesian:

  1. The boss is director, not facilitator. While being egalitarian is a very good trait to have, people here prefer you prepare something before meeting.
  2. Be clear about your expectations. Ask them to prepare 3 ideas to you before tell them what your opinion is, ask input before make decision, ask them to ask you before you ask them, ask all the time. Its not that Indonesian lazy and doesn’t initiative, but thats just how we work.
  3. Be careful about what you say. Event passing idea sometimes can be perceived as you already made decision.

Meeting Manifesto

  1. It’s necessary evil. Get used to it, but avoid it as much as possible.
  2. Bad meeting schedule is worse than bad meeting.
  3. Left your phone. Close your laptop.
  4. Keep it shorter than 1 hour.
  5. Make a note. Assign time and people who responsible for a particular subject that you discuss in the meeting. Share the note afterward.


Selling B2B Product

With all the tools you have nowaday you can mapping the journey, identifying barriers, designing prescriptions, and tracking progress. With those in hand, you should help customers considers not just what to buy but how and this attitude reflected in two things:

  • You should avoid focusing on getting customer to buy from you and instead concentrate on how customer make purchase decisions. This might be like a minor distinction but its actually profound one and fundamental to the B2B seller practitioner.
  • You should tightly align your sales and marketing teams to support the customer journey from start to finish – breaking down the historical barriers between those functions in the process. As a result you would create consistent and relevant tools, messaging and guidance to shape and simplify the purchase journey, drives sales and ultimately increase customer loyalty.


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