Money is not Scarce

The era of scarce capital is gone. You should move away from making big bets over the course of many years and start making numerous small and varied investments, knowing that not all will pan out. Learn to quickly spot – and get out of – losing ventures, and aggressively supporting the winners. Nurture them into a great one.


If you start to climb ladder and lead team then find something wrong, you might scratch your chin and thinking. “Hmmm, this is not right. I got to tell them how to do it better. Will arrange meeting and prepare the talk.”

Stop right there.

First, yes, you should always making a move. But you don’t have to have people hear your voice all the time. Be quitter. Listen first, ask questions and give this young amazing people an opportunity to find the answer themselves.


One thing that  make you really grateful in web industry is that you don’t find a lot of fake people here. “I’m graduated from x, I’m so successful in the past and shiny” bullshit doesn’t work here.

People want to be in the companion of someone “real.” This is partly a reaction to the turbulent times we live in. It is also a response to the public’s widespread disenchantment with politicians and businesspeople. We all suspect that we’re being duped and its so much easier to work with real human being that doesn’t rely on past achievement or status.


I love trees, typography and occasional run alone in the morning when hush still fell over the city. I live in Yogyakarta but grew up in Sorong Papua.

After the realisation set in that I would not be making it as an astronaut, I spent many evenings in my life dancing with my computer (no, not literally). And anytime I find something wicked in the dancing, I would write it out here.

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