What Matter Most to Strategy Execution?


When a company fails to execute its strategy, the first thing managers often thinks to do is restructure. But research shows that the fundamentals of good execution start with clarifying decision rights and making sure information flows where it needs to go. If you get those right, the correct structure and motivators often become obvious.

Management Culture in Indonesia


Guide for foreigner working with Indonesian:

  1. The boss is director, not facilitator. While being egalitarian is a very good trait to have, people here prefer you prepare something before meeting.
  2. Be clear about your expectations. Ask them to prepare 3 ideas to you before tell them what your opinion is, ask input before make decision, ask them to ask you before you ask them, ask all the time. Its not that Indonesian lazy and doesn’t initiative, but thats just how we work.
  3. Be careful about what you say. Event passing idea sometimes can be perceived as you already made decision.

Meeting Manifesto

  1. It’s necessary evil. Get used to it, but avoid it as much as possible.
  2. Bad meeting schedule is worse than bad meeting.
  3. Left your phone. Close your laptop.
  4. Keep it shorter than 1 hour.
  5. Make a note. Assign time and people who responsible for a particular subject that you discuss in the meeting. Share the note afterward.


Like Button

Contrary to what marketer believe, Facebook page wouldn’t help you if you don’t have the customer first. People come to the page not because the page in facebook exist, but because they already like your product. The mere act of liking a brand does not affect a customer’s behavior or increase purchasing. Nor does it spur purchasing by friend.

So how to know when you start to advertise then?

Get a metric across the whole product and validate your assumption by experimenting in 9-10 different content type in 2-3 months. If something seems like a good hit, you can start advertise, and then validate the result against the metric again.



How Long You Will Stay Here

It was May 2017. You walk out the office with Dion and went to Bu Angkringan food stall near the security post and sat together. He ask for coffee and you went with your favorite double lime.

“Do you know that he would do that?” Dion asked you without warning.
“No idea,” you said.
“Apparently he intend to do it all this time, and probably would look for other guy.”
“Whoa.” you shook your head and look at him in disbelief.
“Its true.”

You discuss about it with him for a more couple of minutes. The blazing sun scorching the ground with menace, but there is a strange feel of comfort to talk while you are not in the office building. It made you feel detached a little bit from the work and become everyday person. Not a worker, not a role, not a man in mission. Just you.

“How long you would work here?” Dion shoot again.


Selling B2B Product

With all the tools you have nowaday you can mapping the journey, identifying barriers, designing prescriptions, and tracking progress. With those in hand, you should help customers considers not just what to buy but how and this attitude reflected in two things:

  • You should avoid focusing on getting customer to buy from you and instead concentrate on how customer make purchase decisions. This might be like a minor distinction but its actually profound one and fundamental to the B2B seller practitioner.
  • You should tightly align your sales and marketing teams to support the customer journey from start to finish – breaking down the historical barriers between those functions in the process. As a result you would create consistent and relevant tools, messaging and guidance to shape and simplify the purchase journey, drives sales and ultimately increase customer loyalty.


At the outset of building organization with a lot of young people, you’ll find that people make mistakes all the time. You know that it’s natural and you wonder whether your younger days might do worse than them. You imagine yourself as a great older brother with a soft voice and let it slide, thinking ah these young flock would do better next time.

After few years, you will see the same things happen, people keep make mistake if you let it slide and if they don’t know what your expectation is. And you realize something. Its not about the talent, its not about the pay grade, its not about experience. You let down yourself by not demanding excellence from your team. You don’t singing the high standard you set for them and you treat people as some fragile glasses that would break down under a slight pressure.

You promise to yourself that you won’t let them to not realize their talent, that people can and should strife for excellence, and you are willing to pay for it.

Money is not Scarce

The era of scarce capital is gone. You should move away from making big bets over the course of many years and start making numerous small and varied investments, knowing that not all will pan out. Learn to quickly spot – and get out of – losing ventures, and aggressively supporting the winners. Nurture them into a great one.


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