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How Long You Will Stay Here


It was May 2017. You walk out the office with Dion and went to Bu Angkringan food stall near the security post and sat together. He ask for coffee and you went with your favorite double lime. “Do you know that he would do that?” Dion asked you without warning. “No idea,” you said. “Apparently he intend to do it all this time, and probably would look for other guy...

Selling B2B Product


With all the tools you have nowaday you can mapping the journey, identifying barriers, designing prescriptions, and tracking progress. With those in hand, you should help customers considers not just what to buy but how and this attitude reflected in two things: You should avoid focusing on getting customer to buy from you and instead concentrate on how customer make purchase decisions. This...



At the outset of building organization with a lot of young people, you’ll find that people make mistakes all the time. You know that it’s natural and you wonder whether your younger days might do worse than them. You imagine yourself as a great older brother with a soft voice and let it slide, thinking ah these young flock would do better next time. After few years, you will see the...

Decision and Answer


When you are manager, you will learn that you won’t have all the answer. Each day you would make decision and only 60% – heck maybe only 55% which will be a good one. Keep digging the wrong answer and convince people you were right all this time will badly backfire at you, so you have to able to recognize bad decision and adjust from that. How you know that you make bad decision then? Give...

Alien Covenant


When you see the sequel of Prometheus, you find that the whole Prometheus premise where there is much more intriguing story behind Engineer destroyed completely when David annihilate the whole Engineer species by spread out the virus. Its a deep and painful feeling as you feel that the movie should follow the lead and not back to its origin Alien root. You don’t think that Ridley Scott...

Money is not Scarce


The era of scarce capital is gone. You should move away from making big bets over the course of many years and start making numerous small and varied investments, knowing that not all will pan out. Learn to quickly spot – and get out of – losing ventures, and aggressively supporting the winners. Nurture them into a great one.



If you start to climb ladder and lead team then find something wrong, you might scratch your chin and thinking. “Hmmm, this is not right. I got to tell them how to do it better. Will arrange meeting and prepare the talk.” Stop right there. First, yes, you should always making a move. But you don’t have to have people hear your voice all the time. Be quitter. Listen first, ask...



One thing that  make you really grateful in web industry is that you don’t find a lot of fake people here. “I’m graduated from x, I’m so successful in the past and shiny” bullshit doesn’t work here. People want to be in the companion of someone “real.” This is partly a reaction to the turbulent times we live in. It is also a response to the public’s widespread...

Good Bye Twitter


I’ve been using twitter since 2008 and while it introduce me to a lot of interesting people, it also shift my mode from creating into consuming.
I want to change that.
I want to create more.
Good bye Twitter. Its been a good time.
PS: Yes. I know. That share button at the bottom of the website is kinda ironic :).

Up and Run


 WAS BUSY MINGLING WITH MY WORK in the office when my boss suddenly talked about this new fitness app project that we have. “This is nice project Ganis, you should take a look at it. The client might require us to use React for the interface.” Hmm, interesting. I thought. “Technically it’s challenging,” he said as our OB hand him his Flat White. “It would incorporate various trainer into...


Someone from Yogyakarta. Love trees, Mario Kart and letter G. Blurry eyes, five foot six, black hair. A husband, father, managing director, day by day – in that particular order.

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