I'm a Product Manager from Jogja. I love trees and letter G. Four eyes, five foot six, black hair.

About Me

My name is Ganis Angger Atmawarin. Most of my friend would called me Ganis or Angger.

I was born, raised, and probably drinking too much sun in the eastern corner of Indonesia, Sorong. Now I'm living in Yogyakarta, the ever charming city, where the white noise and silence is amusingly equal.

What I'm doing? Well, when I’m not busy declarin’ war on food, or twitting my goddamn parrot, you can find me working in Software Seni working full time as a Product Manager, writing an occasional things here and there.

I designed this site on a scrap paper and build it with Sketch, Pixelmator, Sublime Text & Compass. I use the power of Craft to lighten the content & Typekit to serve the tasty typeface. The site is currently under redesigned which is why some of the content that you usually can found there is missing.

For the top navigation, I pick the stingy gentleman Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic. I use the combination of Franklin Gothic and SchoolBook Web for entry navigation and footer. The body copy typography is subject to change depending on my mood, my prey flavour of the day and the sun stars relative position toward the moon.

Content wise, I want to set it as my playground on story telling & typographic experiment. I write the content in English, but on a few occassion, you’ll find Indonesian. Some of the articles that I write contains materials that people may find as terribly offensive or incredibly arousing. So remember, whatever happen when you read it, keep your pants on.

All material created by me, Ganis Angger Atmawarin, unless otherwise noted. But, you are allowed to copy, distribute, or display your derivative copy of my works without my permission.

I don't do commenting system, but you can say always say hi.

This page created in Jogja, 8 June 2012. The body copy typography using Chaparral Pro, from my favourite typographer, Carol Twombly. This awesome typeface so magical that it can make any derelict look at least moderately professional without being a douche.

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