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Horizon Zero Dawn


I have been played a game called Horizon Zero Dawn for the last few 2 months–yes months as I can only find 2-3 hours every week to play my console, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Guerrilla Games has create a ridiculously catchy experience and distinct post apocalyptic game theme, even as it moves within template that already laid out by its predecessor. It can easy fall prey to dark mood in this kind of genre game, but the game take a different direction by presenting Reverence look a like landscape and adventure that driven by curiosity instead of fear.

There’s too much I want to talk about in the game, so I’ll settle and highlight one bit that runs parallel to something I’m really related about. Its the scene where Alloy talking to Gaia, a hyper AI that regulated the world recovery program, and Gaia show her his conversation with Elizabeth Sobek. Gaia asked her, what she hope for her child if she has any.

I guess… I would have wanted her to be… curious. And willful — unstoppable, even… but with enough compassion to… heal the world… just a little bit.

10 Things That I Learn From Last Year

  1. Enjoy the journey
  2. Execute blinding quickly and iterate from there
  3. Wake up earlier then everyone else and figure out what you can do 1% better
  4. Don’t let power corrupt you
  5. Have a boundless energy to demand excellence
  6. It’s never too quick to fire bad fit
  7. Avoid conference unless it can bring you client
  8. Listen more than you talk
  9. Look for the best in everyone
  10. Good sleep, sun light, and run, all the time, even if its raining, even if you have crunch time

What’s In My Bag



For decade I am a firm believer in messenger bags over backpacks, preferring the tradeoff of easy access over sore shoulder. I have several messenger bag around, but this ForuForm is the one that you can mainly spot on my shoulder for one main reason: the space is limited, so I can’t put too many things in it. It also help that it looks nice, have a pretty good build quality, and quite cheap (I get it for $35 in AliExpress Black Friday).

Macbook Pro Retina 13 – Inch (Early 2015)

This is my main computer, and its pretty darn good. It feels really useful with a lot of connectivity, elegant, and has a serious power. I think its one of the best laptop that ever existed, even better than the current MacBook Pro Touchbar, as I don’t need to bring extra dongle with me.

Iphone 6S

The last iPhone with headphone jack. It heavily cracked as at one point I fell into small canal in the middle of a night. The battery is abysmal now, and can only last for 15 hours. However its still pretty fast and delightful. I wish to keep using this phone until 2019.

Muji Dotted Notebook + Uniball Sigmo

An absolutely deadly duo. Uniball Sigmo pen flow feels supremely controlled but with plenty of freedom to roam free on the paper. And the Muji Dotted Notebook is humble, simple and effective. Both of these item is very reasonably priced – at $2, Uniball Sigmo is practically stealing.

Jabra SMART Bluetooth Headset

My coworker called it Dorky and ridicule me as she think I looks like Deddy Dores, but for some reason I feel really cool when I’m wearing it as I thought it looks like stethoscope. The sound quality is mediocre but the microphone is nice, and bluetooth chip is stable – compared with Anker one as example. I tempted to try AirPod, but can’t stand the looks.

Cable Organizer

To be chaotic at work, you have to be tidy with your tools. I use this leather organiser to hold some miscellaneous things that I need for work. It contain iPhone cable, Micro USB cable, Logitech presenter, 8 GB ADATA flashdisk, Apple Watch spare band and Urban Fun earphone that I use when my Jabra running out of battery.


  • Name Card. I print it from McMurs, a very nice letterpress printer in Yogyakarta.
  • Starbucks Card (horrible coffee, great wifi).
  • Spare key.
  • Mandiri & BCA Token.
  • Finally a Baby Shop member card. Yeah, I’m that kind of dad who sucker for 5% diaper discount. Don’t judge me!

Taking Care Yourself


One thing I learn is that taking care yourself is one of the best thing you can do to keep your work standard high.

If you judge your output by your tiredness, then you do it wrong. Nobody care how much busy you are, or how tired you are.




It was 15 past 4. you know exactly that the weather is cloudy outside. Few minutes before Gita moved to the surgery room, you spend 15 minuets to watch this Larva Cartoon shows, and you can’t stop laughing as your wife start to mimic Larva all the time – might be because the anesthesia.

4.30 and you hear his cry for the first time. In the blink of an eye your life going to change forever, what you don’t knew at that time is the joy that lay in store for you. Its the beginning of hectic, fun, and amazing time. The interlude of a lot of laugh that you going to have and you will always going to have.

You stop and start to wonder now. How could thing so small and so simple can be a very important?

Muji Notebook + Uni-ball Signo UM-151

Muji Notebook + Uni-ball Signo UM-151

I’m not used to make a post about stuff that I own, but I would make exception this time and let the world knows that I utterly fall in love with Muji Dotted Notebook + Uni-ball Signo UM-151.

This two is ridiculously amazing when you pair it together. For the last one week, I use it to write note, brainstorming, sketch a dashboard, poking people eyes, stir a coffee, and move it through different mode of writing and sketching, and this two, pow pow pow! they kill it all with ease and elegance!

PS: Yes, I know the pen looks corny.



The essence of strategy is choosing to perform activities differently than rivals do. If you have a same set of strategy with your rival do, you would not be able to significantly outperform them.


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