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4AM is the new 6AM


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you”.

– Walt Whitman

I recently started to shift my circadian rhythm from night owl into early riser. Now I manage to consistently wake up at 4AM–which I admit really extremely hard to do, but it allow me to create really useful space for myself to plan the day.

If you are one of those person that would like to try to wake up early, then these is some things that I learn can be useful to make me able to wake early in the next day:


Company Health Not Shareholder Wealth


A company’s health—not its shareholders’ wealth—should be the primary concern of those who manage corporations. That may sound like a small change, but it could make companies less vulnerable to damaging forms of activist investing—and make it easier for managers to focus on the long term.

Joseph L Bower in HBR May-June 2017. 

The best things and stuff of 2018


Great things, event, experience and people that I discovered, learned, read, met, etc, in 2018. No particular ordering is implied. And not everything is new. I will update this list every month.

Great blog posts read


On Giving and Receiving Negative Feedback


Paul Green on Giving Negative Feedback :

It doesn’t provide the sustenance we need to maintain a positive view of ourselves. And that’s the ultimate irony. The idea behind performance appraisals, and feedback in general, is that to grow and improve, we must have a light shined on the things we can’t see about ourselves. We need the brutal truth. There’s an assumption that what motivates people to improve is the realization that they’re not as good as they think they are. But in fact, it just makes them go and people who will not shine that light on them. It may not be having the intended effect at all.

I’m not completely agree with Paul Green on the piece that Negative Feedback is not going to improve you. I think its about framing the right questions so the feedback (even negative one), would be put into positive mindset.

In the last 4-5 months one thing that really work for me when I have one on one discussion with my direct report is to ask them :

  • What do you wish to see me start doing that you think would be really useful for the company?
  • What do you wish to see me stop doing?
  • What the thing that you see me doing in the last few weeks that you want me to keep doing?

Horizon Zero Dawn


I guess… I would have wanted her to be… curious. And willful — unstoppable, even… but with enough compassion to… heal the world… just a little bit.

I have been played a game called Horizon Zero Dawn for the last few 2 months–yes months as I can only find 2-3 hours every week to play my console, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Guerrilla Games has create a ridiculously catchy experience and distinct post apocalyptic game theme here that I really love. It’s like watching Reverence movie, but instead of just watch it, you also control the character.


10 Things That I Learn From Last Year

  1. Enjoy the journey
  2. Execute blinding quickly and iterate from there
  3. Wake up earlier then everyone else and figure out what you can do 1% better
  4. Don’t let power corrupt you
  5. Have a boundless energy to demand excellence
  6. It’s never too quick to fire bad fit
  7. Avoid conference unless it can bring you client
  8. Listen more than you talk
  9. Look for the best in everyone
  10. Good sleep, sun light, and run, all the time, even if its raining, even if you have crunch time

What’s In My Bag



For decade I am a firm believer in messenger bags over backpacks, preferring the tradeoff of easy access over sore shoulder. I have several messenger bag around, but this ForuForm is the one that you can mainly spot on my shoulder for one main reason: the space is limited, so I can’t put too many things in it. It also help that it looks nice, have a pretty good build quality, and quite cheap (I get it for $35 in AliExpress Black Friday).

Macbook Pro Retina 13 – Inch (Early 2015)

This is my main computer, and its pretty darn good. It feels really useful with a lot of connectivity, elegant, and has a serious power. I think its one of the best laptop that ever existed, even better than the current MacBook Pro Touchbar, as I don’t need to bring extra dongle with me.



I love trees, typography and occasional run alone in the morning when hush still fell over the city. I live in Yogyakarta but grew up in Sorong Papua.

After the realisation set in that I would not be making it as an astronaut, I spent many evenings in my life dancing with my computer (no, not literally). And anytime I find something wicked in the dancing, I would write it out here.

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